Asher 1 Year

Posted in babies on June 8, 2015

One of my families that has been with me from the beginning – and I adore them.  This was Asher’s first birthday session but you can see it had several parts!  Asher and I will always have a special bond – we share a birthday.  I captured his birth, on my birthday.  And then it just so happened that Lindsey was expecting and we wanted to do something super fun to find out if it was a boy or girl!  Love her so much that we did the balloon pop/confetti……in my house 🙂  Worth it.  So fun.  And since I’m writing this from the future – they had a sweet baby girl and named her Emmersyn!holloway-dtc-familiy-photography-116-Editholloway-dtc-familiy-photography-123-Editholloway-dtc-familiy-photography-134-Edit
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