Vince and Kelly : Omaha, NE

Posted in weddings on March 21, 2010

The text I got from the bride the night before simply said – it’s snowing here…big flakes too ūüôĀ I had to remind her that I got married in a Iowa ice storm……it’s all going to be ok!! ¬†And sure enough, the day turned out beautiful. ¬†Were the bridesmaid’s lips blue while we did a few pictures outside? Sure. ¬†But they made it through!! ¬†Being childhood friends with Kelly made this wedding very personal to me. ¬†It was nice to be able to joke around, laugh with them, cry with her, give hugs, and be part of the family. ¬†This also made them feel comfortable too, which makes for amazing pictures. ¬†Usually I only do a few pictures as a lil peek, but for that friend that I used to go through the ditches to pick up beer cans for 5 cents with, well – she gets the special treatment. ¬†You guys have so much passion for eachother, it’s a perfect match from up above. ¬†God is funny – “let’s put these two together to work at Starbucks.” ¬†What a great story! ¬†Love you sweetie!!