Kile and Andrea : Littleton, CO Wedding Photography

Posted in news on September 26, 2010

Kile and Andrea had an amazing lil outdoor wedding right at the base of the foothills.  Perfect weather, perfect sunset, and just a super sweet couple who was game to do whatever the photog asked!!!  And better yet,  I felt right at home surrounded by families from Iowa – where they both grew up!

Andrea was such a simply stunning bride!  She made her hair piece all by herself – just amazing!  This was another wedding that I shed a tear or two at…..just kept my camera in front of my face  – nobody knew!!!!  Their vows were straight from the heart – how it should be.  And I’m still thinking about the cookies that melted in my mouth that the bride’s mother made – should have asked if their were any leftovers!  YUM!

Congrats you two – always remember to be strong in the Lord!!


Couldn’t leave this picture out of the bride – doesn’t she look Ah-mazing??!!