Saints at the Bluebird : Denver, CO

Posted in news on December 8, 2010

I always go back and forth on deciding to take my camera to shows.  I like to just sit back and enjoy the music, but I also like to try new things out of my comfort zone.  A dark room with a few lights and musicians jumping around – out of my comfort zone!  But I decided this time to take the Nikon.  And I told myself that I wasn’t going to use my flash, that I just wanted to play with the light.  And I also knew that the pictures wouldn’t turn out perfect.  That’s ok – I’ll learn a few things and hopefully someday when the band my husband plays in goes mega – I’ll be capturing great moments perfectly!

This show that the Bluebird last weekend was the best show Saints have put on yet!  So proud of them!  They are opening for the Flobots in Grand Junction this weekend – so if you are in that area, make sure you stop in!  Check them out at and make sure you follow them on facebook!