Joy of Love {day 1} Who they are

Posted in news on February 8, 2011

I was really excited to start this class on Feb 1st.  But where was I on Feb 1st?  I took the pictures and a couple hours later would become sick for the rest of the week!!  So, I have been behind in all areas of my photography pushing this class to last on the to do list.  Then I realized that today was the 8th – I am days behind.  I will catch up!  Even if I have to extend my month of love into March – I WILL DO ALL THE DAYS!
So today – Day 1 – Who they are.  Brekyn is a swimming machine.  Whether it’s in 3 ft of swimming pool or 6 inches in the tub – he will swim and get water everywhere!!!!  I don’t care – he’s just a little fish.