Friday Photo Bliss | Us.

Posted in news on March 11, 2011

Well – between working all the jobs I work, trying to be a photographer, being a mom and wife, and just trying to hold it all together – I failed at the workshop I signed up for in Feb.  It was called the Joy of Love and I was supposed to post pictures EVERY DAY.  Just trying to find the time to take the pictures is the hard part!  So I gave up and now I will just go back to posting a picture that is meaningful to me every friday.  I am going to try to  take some more pictures that were assigned to me and use those as well on fridays.  So – here’s day 16 – Together{self portrait}.  We took this before we went downtown for Denver’s 5280 week  last weekend.  I’m sure my husband will tell me to take this down (like he does every time I post a picture of us) but I don’t care – I like it.  It’s staying!!!!