Andy and Melissa : Colorado Engagement Photography

Posted in news on July 19, 2011

Andy and Melissa are high school sweethearts……..I love this because my husband and I are as well!   I had lots of warm fuzzies after Melissa contacted me to see if I could come to Iowa to shoot their wedding in Sept.  Of course I said yes!  I was even more excited when they said – we’ll come to you for our engagement session!

So they flew on out to good ol Colorado and I was going to give them good ol Colorado pictures.  We went to the foothills were we could get some great mountain shots.  We were also greeted by a lovely man who told us we couldn’t take pictures where we were (this happens quite more often than one would think!) and that security cameras were all around…………so we kept going –

nobody threatened us again –

we got the shots and left happily!

I am very excited for their wedding this fall!  Thanks for trusting me to capture your most special moments!  xx

And then it rained………..