Keystone Colorado Wedding Photography

Posted in news on July 10, 2011

Colorado.  I live here because I love waking to our mountains every day.  It’s beautiful here in Denver, but as you go west out of the city, it turns into magnificent!  Katie and Jared decided to take advantage of the Colorado beauty and get hitched in Keystone.  Katie’s parents now have retired there – which made it fun for family and friends to come into town for the weekend! 

The wedding was beautiful.  They were honest and open with eachother – telling stories to guests and vowing things like “i’ll never interrupt you……except for this one time……”. 

I met Katie about 5 years ago working at Greenwood Athletic Club.  Just the sweetest and happy going person.  I am so glad you found your one and only. 


Yes – he sang to her.  Sooooo amazing!