JFC Daddy Daughter Dance : Denver, CO Event Photographer

Posted in news on March 15, 2012

If you know me or follow my blog – you know that I will get choked up during the father/daughter dance at weddings.  Every single time. 

Well – when I volunteered to take photos at our church’s father daughter dance, I didn’t even think about that.  Was having a good time – taking silly pictures of all the sweet daddies and their daughters……..then I went to the dance floor.  And it hit me – almost took my breath away!  150+ daughters dancing with their daddies!  OMGosh.  It made my heart beat fast.  I thanked God for all those daddies right at that moment.  Then I turned to my friend, Amanda, and she said- “Oh, I know!  Me too!”  She felt the emotion too.

What an amazing night.  Fun.  Silly.  Full of Love.

Here’s just a few of my favs!