Katie and Zack say I do!!

Posted in news on February 25, 2013

Katie and Zack married the beginning of Feb in a beautiful church ceremony. ¬†They had a winter wedding {love} but it was still sunny and bright and cheery unlike the previous days leading up – cold and snowy and WINDY! Or my wedding day which was freezing rain……….but full of love, of course ūüôā

Some brides and grooms don’t leave enough time between the wedding and the ceremony for photos. ¬†When I suggest an hour for everything people usually look at me like i’m crazy! ¬† But these two went above and beyond that hour – i’m sure it wasn’t for my benefit, but it def worked out for my benefit! ¬†The ceremony was early afternoon as the church would allow but they didn’t want to start the party til a little later in the evening. ¬†The reception was at Mt Vernon Country Club just up the mountain so we had everything in between as our playground……..for 2+ hours! ¬†It was amazing. ¬†There was no stress. ¬†We got amazing photos. ¬†It was awesome.

And they had amazing wedding food.  Love that perk!!!!

Thanks to Katie and Zack (and their ever so sweet families) for just being great. ¬†They were my first wedding of 2013 and it couldn’t have started off better! ¬†I love your sweet devotion to each other!! ¬†Hugs!
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Or on Katie and Zack’s proofing site to purchase! ¬†If they aren’t up today – just check back in the next couple days! ¬†There are a lot of photos – some nice ones……some crazy ones…….