Let’s go to Steamboat!

Posted in news on April 22, 2013

This is the 2nd year that I have had the great pleasure of driving up to Steamboat Springs to meet up with this family!  I love that they find real value in family pictures AND that they will hike through the snow with me to find that amazing spot!  AND NO COMPLAINERS!  Photographers dream family right here.

Thanks again you guys for inviting me up to your rent-a-mansion.  Next year, Hawaii?  🙂2013-03-20_0048 2013-03-20_0049 2013-03-20_0050 2013-03-20_0051 2013-03-20_0052 2013-03-20_0053 2013-03-20_0054 2013-03-20_0055 2013-03-20_0056 2013-03-20_0057 2013-03-20_0058 2013-03-20_0059 2013-03-20_0060 2013-03-20_0061 2013-03-20_0062 2013-03-20_0063 2013-03-20_0064 2013-03-20_00652013-03-20_0067