Posted in news on July 24, 2013

Meet Ella.  This super strong little miss THANG has been through a lot in her wee years.  She is happy, talented, funny, chatty, beautiful, kind, and has a big heart!   She is also a fighter.  Adrenalcorticolcarcinoma.  Say what?  If you were to sit down with her – she would tell you all about it.   But that doesn’t define her.  Here’s how this session came about!

Ella met (my now friend!) Brittni at a St  Judes Gala in the mountains this past spring.  Brittni just so happens to model and Ella would love to BE a model.  So – without further thought – Brittni knew she could pull something off!

With some planning – Ella was pampered at the Clocktower downtown Denver!  Simply Moore’s talented makeup and hair artists worked some magic and Brittni did a little shopping for the girl.  Bam – Ella is a model.  And she modeled – WITH the MODELS!

I loved being a part of this.

Ella – you are touching a lot of lives girl!

Keep on smiling!!!!  Keep on loving Jesus!!!   Hugs –

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