Hello little one!

Posted in news on July 20, 2013

I don’t even know where to start.  Except for today I found out this amazing client turned friend bought me a frying pan.  A frying pan…….you are totally wondering now, right?!?!!

It all started a couple years back when Chris and Jamie drove from the middle of Kansas to Denver for their maternity session.  They were expecting their first child – sweet miss Finley!  Well – the marriage came very soon after and I was thrilled that they wanted ME to drive to their home in Larned, KS to document their wedding.  Then came the texts in April……..could they get another maternity session done here in CO?  Would I drive back to KS to shoot the birth of their next child?!?!   The first thing I thought was FOR SURE!  But then I got practical……this baby is NEVER going to stay in until I get there.   But they had a c-section date set and by golly that baby stayed in!  So I drove the 6 hours to get there on the 4th of July to be greeted by a big ol family meal and country fireworks.

We got up the next morning and drove an hour to Pratt where the delivery was doing down.  The nurses and doctors were fantastic!  The delivering physician even PAUSED and looked around the room for me before he pulled the baby out!  He knew how important it was to Chris and Jamie that these moments were documented.  It made me think back to some of my OBGYN clinicals – the small town hospitals – just good peeps.

And then she was here!

Royce Callait Froetschner

 7lbs 7oz, 19 3/4 in

The whole experience was just amazing.  Maybe it’s the nurse in me that fell in love with this kind of photography.  And then in came the family – Miss Finley first to meet her new sissy.  And she adored her!

I stayed at Jamie and Chris’ home with their 2 sweet dogs – pretty much just played house in Kansas while I waited for them to come home to shoot the newborn session.  And I fell in love with their frying pans.   And THAT is how sweet this couple is!  They remembered me gushing about their frying pans.  Oh I wish they lived closer.  But I’m sure this is the very beginning of documenting a lifetime of memories.  Love.

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