Amber and her Man

Posted in news on August 31, 2013

Meet Amber – one of my most favorite people in the world!!!  Amber and I work together at the University of Denver – she is a FANTASTIC medical assistant and friend.  And she brings me treats and gifts.  She’s always smiling.  She greets EVERY patient with “My name is Amber and I’m going to get you started today.”  I know this because she says it every time she goes past my office.

Just pure joy this chick.  And then I got to meet her hubbs.  He’s a good pick 🙂2013-08-12_0035 2013-08-12_0036 2013-08-12_0037 2013-08-12_0038 2013-08-12_0039 2013-08-12_0040 2013-08-12_0041