Jennifer and Dan

Posted in news on August 4, 2013

Jennifer and Dan have known each other since high school – but it wasn’t until a feeeeeww years later that they reconnected and started chatting on facebook! ┬áThen they decided to love eachother and get married ­čÖé

The wedding and reception was held at the Butterfly Pavilion┬á– it was POURING outside so they had to move the vows indoors while the butterflies flew all around them (rough back up plan, eh?) and it was BEAUTIFUL! ┬á2013-08-04_0008 2013-08-04_00092013-08-04_0006 2013-08-04_00072013-08-04_00022013-08-04_00012013-08-04_00102013-08-04_00052013-08-04_00132013-08-04_00122013-08-04_00162013-08-04_0014 2013-08-04_00152013-08-04_00202013-08-04_0003 2013-08-04_0004 2013-08-04_0019 2013-08-04_0021 2013-08-04_0022 2013-08-04_00232013-08-04_0011 2013-08-04_0018 2013-08-04_0017