Katie and Curt

Posted in news on August 25, 2013

I love this wedding.  I pulled up to capture getting ready photos of the bride and groom at a tiny campground in central Iowa.  In their campers.  And it was awesome!!!

Katie and Curt have actually been married since 2005 – a visit to the courthouse to file some sort of paperwork turned into a “hey wanna get married today” glance.  And they did!  But here 8 years later……Curt decided to give her a wedding.  So they packed up their sweet little family and drove from their home in Alabama to Iowa to get hitched in front of family and friends.  They LOVE camping together as a family so having the wedding and reception outdoors on the Iowa River was fitting.

I love the way Curt totally adores my childhood friend Katie.  They are perfect together.

Thanks again for having me be a part of this.  Love ya much!

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