Posted in news on January 17, 2014

This girl.  She is very loved in our home.  She is my son’s best friend (well – there’s competition between her and her brother for this pretigious honor) and babysitter.   Simply when he has had enough of us for a couple weeks, he just asks when “gator” can come over.  Gator is her nickname – my son called her the alligator for the longest time!  Love it.  She’s one of those “kids” who comes over and actually hangs out with my son.  It’s not about the money (well, maybe a little…) but I think sometimes they both need eachother!!!

So thank you Gator for coming to babysit so the hubbs and I can go to movies (and me fall asleep at the movies) and Brekyn can have some bff time!

We love you inside and out, top to bottom.  You complete us.  Don’t go away to school like Brady did.  Just live with us forever.2013-11-20_0020 2013-11-20_0021 2013-11-20_0022 2013-11-20_0023 2013-11-20_0024 2013-11-20_0025 2013-11-20_0026 2013-11-20_0027 2013-11-20_0028 2013-11-20_0029 2013-11-20_0030 2013-11-20_0031 2013-11-20_0032 2013-11-20_0033 2013-11-20_0034