Davis Family

Posted in news on January 16, 2014

Some more of my amazing repeat Iowans!!!  Sheena ALWAYS does an amazing job dressing her kids (and husband) for sessions!  I love this spot that we are at – most people don’t even know it exists!  But it has the most amazing views (Iowa is quite pretty!) and the color during the seasons is breathtaking!  One of my Iowa brides even wanted to head out there to watch the sun set (yes – she and her groom took time out of her wedding reception to sneak away!) and it ended up being so amazing!  So if you haven’t checked out the overlook between hwy 20 and Steamboat – go!2013-10-17_0049 2013-10-17_0050 2013-10-17_0051 2013-10-17_0052 2013-10-17_0053 2013-10-17_0054 2013-10-17_0055