Holloway Family

Posted in news on January 24, 2014

One of my fav lil Colorado families right here!!  Surprisingly, not a lot of my clients ever want to venture up to the mountains!  I had my own family photos done last year around this spot and fell in love with it!  Love the beauty of our state!!!2014-01-14_0053 2014-01-14_0054 2014-01-14_0055 2014-01-14_0056 2014-01-14_0057 2014-01-14_0058 2014-01-14_0059 2014-01-14_0060 2014-01-14_0061 2014-01-14_0062 2014-01-14_0063 2014-01-14_0064 2014-01-14_0065 2014-01-14_0066And a few weeks later………momma surprised daddy……..baby #3 is on it’s way!  Oh – and the girls are in their super cute halloween costumes while we did this 🙂