Posted in news on January 16, 2014

Reaghan is one of my GORGEOUS 2013 senior gals!!!!!!  This sessions was so crazy fun.  It was like 5 sessions in one.  We had the whole Kansas  countryside to work and play with!  We popped from one cute farm area to the next finding the best hidden spots!!!  I just love country – you never know what you are going to find!

Not only is she gorgeous – she’s a pretty awesome softball player (so I’ve heard……..) as well.  Her dad got the keys to the softball diamond and we put the lights on as the sun was going down.  We got some pretty cool shots!

Thanks to Reaghan and her family for trusting me to capture her beauty and heart during this time in her life!!!  Rea – you rock.2013-11-20_0089 2013-11-20_0090 2013-11-20_0091 2013-11-20_0092 2013-11-20_0093 2013-11-20_0094 2013-11-20_0095 2013-11-20_0096 2013-11-20_0097 2013-11-20_0098 2013-11-20_0099 2013-11-20_0100 2013-11-20_0101