Posted in news on January 15, 2014

Oh this family.  What is amazing about this job is that I get to meet soo many great people!  But some people stick and you just have to be friends.  Chris and Jamie are from small town Kansas – a town slightly bigger than where I grew up in rural Iowa!  So I felt right at home when they invited me out to shoot their wedding in 2012!  But then she asked if I would come out to document the birth of their second child!  Then I felt like part of the family!  You might remember Royce’s birth story (I actually was prompt blogging about that!) – you can find it here!  Being part of a birth is just an amazing experience!

So they had this sweet baby and I just lived in their home for a few days until they came home!  Sweet little Royce Callait was welcomed home by big sister Finley!  I got to do a mixtured of lifestyle and posed photos over the next couple days.

Seriously – one of the most beautiful babies ever.  Can’t wait to squeeeeeeze you all again someday!  Sooner rather than later though I hope!!!!  2013-11-20_0102 2013-11-20_0103 2013-11-20_0104 2013-11-20_0105 2013-11-20_0106 2013-11-20_0107 2013-11-20_0108 2013-11-20_0109 2013-11-20_0110 2013-11-20_0111 2013-11-20_0112 2013-11-20_0113 2013-11-20_0114 2013-11-20_0115 2013-11-20_0116 2013-11-20_0117 2013-11-20_0118 2013-11-20_0119 2013-11-20_0120 2013-11-20_0121