Chris and Courtney

Posted in news on February 26, 2014

The leaves!  We had to have the leaves!  And thankfully, by the time we had the session – the leaves were still around!

I’m thrilled that Chris and Courtney have asked me to photograph their love!  Their wedding this year is going to be amazing.  And it just so happens that Chris has a fun hobby (hello airplanes) – I love including things that are special to the couple during engagement shoots!  And things that get the groom excited for engagement shoots…………..maybe that’s the key gals!  😉2014-01-20_0150 2014-01-20_0149 2014-01-20_0148 2014-01-20_0147 2014-01-20_0146 2014-01-20_0145 2014-01-20_0144 2014-01-20_0143