You and Me

Posted in news on February 10, 2014

Cynthia and BJ have been long time clients of mine now!  And I was thrilled to document their love as a couple!  A few weeks ago there was a blog post floating around about “before you had kids, he was yours/she was yours” – you may have read it.  While I agree that children are a complete blessing and sometimes you don’t remember a time BEFORE them – I also believe that your spouse is your #1.  I always try to grab a few couple shots during family photos, but hardly anyone ever picks them!  So to celebrate the month of love I am offering the You and Me sessions.  Sweet lil sessions to document your love for eachother…  Don’t wait until your 25th anniversary for photos.  Your love is beautiful NOW!   I am so thankful for the family photos that I have – but the ones of my husband and I over the years are so super special – and my kids will have those to look back on as we grow older.

Here’s what BJ and Cynthia thought of their childless photo session –

“BJ and I had THE BEST time taking pics with Bryn!  We adore having our family photos taken – my kids are the light of my life and capturing those precious moments with them is priceless.  However, it was such a nice change doing a session with no kids!  The focus was finally on just us two, as a couple, and oddly it was actually very romantic.  We could be ourselves, and have fun, which we did!  And the snow just made the moment that much more magical.  The husband actually said, “that was fun” when it was over.  Definitely a first!  ;o)  So, thanks Bryn!  It’s definitely a day we’ll be reminiscing on for years to come!  <3 “2014-02-09_0002 2014-02-09_0004 2014-02-09_0003 2014-02-09_0007 2014-02-09_0006 2014-02-09_0005 2014-02-09_0001

You and Me sessions will be offered until the end of the month!  Sessions are $200 and include 15 images on a disc and 5×5 prints of those chosen images.  Email me at to secure your date/time!!!