Sara and Dan

Posted in weddings on May 8, 2014

A couple things I never thought I would see – one of my best friends sooo happy AND PREGNANT!!  Maybe I thought she would get married again someday………but I honestly didn’t expect it to roll this way!  I’ve known Sara now for over 8 years.  We worked together in a pediatric office as nurses.  And when she left there I was sad, but followed her to another job at DU (sorry again peds office) where we worked together for 3 years.  She was the first one I that I told that I was having a baby – I still remember the day we got in my car on our lunch break to go to the scrapbook store (because that’s where you go when you find out you are pregnant) to get baby stickers and sheets of paper.  Those stickers and paper are still very much in a box somewhere waiting to be scrapbooked.  Because who knew that AFTER the kid came, you don’t scrapbook anymore!?!  She’s been there for me thick and thin.  I hope that she thinks I have too.  She’s one of those people I can tell it to straight – but thankfully there is one thing I don’t have to tell her anymore – that there is something better for her out there.  She has now found that “better” and I can now say “I told you so.”

I’m so thankful for Dan and the joy he has brought into her life!  Sara and Dan actually DATED when they were younger!!!  Who knew all these years later that they were actually meant to be for life.  I love their story.  And I love Sara – so now I love you both.  And your kids.  And all your future kids – which Dan announced at the wedding that they will have a whole house full 🙂 2014-05-08_0004 2014-05-08_0005 2014-05-08_0008 2014-05-08_0013 2014-05-08_0009 2014-05-08_0017 2014-05-08_0015 2014-05-08_0016 2014-05-08_0014 2014-05-08_0007 2014-05-08_0010 2014-05-08_0006 2014-05-08_0001 2014-05-08_0002 2014-05-08_0003 2014-05-08_0012 2014-05-08_0018 2014-05-08_0011