My Kansas Family

Posted in families on September 25, 2014

This summer I got to go to the middle of Kansas again to hang out with some of my most favorite people ever!  Love watching these babies grow.  And love their parents!  Thanks for always making me feel so welcome and right at home in YOUR HOME!  And for welcoming my son as well this time around!2014-08-19_0006 2014-08-19_0007 2014-08-19_0008 2014-08-19_0009 2014-08-19_0010 2014-08-19_0011 2014-08-19_0012 2014-08-19_0013 2014-08-19_0014 2014-08-19_0015 2014-08-19_0016 2014-08-19_0017 2014-08-19_0018