Abby and Martin

Posted in weddings on November 23, 2014

It was an honor to fly to Atlanta the beginning of this month to capture this amazing wedding!!!!  I was able to shoot Abby’s sister’s wedding in Iowa last summer and was very excited when Abby contacted me to let me know they would love to bring me to GA!  And when I stepped out of the car the day of the wedding – there was Martin and he pretty much scooped me right up into a hug.  Well done Abby – he’s a good one!

Since this was my first time in Atlanta – people were telling me in the few weeks before I left cold CO – oh, it’s going to be much warmer there!  So……what did I pack?  Pretty much for 60 degree fall weather.  The night before the wedding?  I swear a 100 mph winds – what in the world?  I thought the house I was staying in was going to BLOW DOWN!  And the wedding day?  Still pretty darn breezy and a warm 38 degrees.  In fact, I think I heard that the reception venue had never had to move a reception indoors.  Oh, Atlanta.  It brought back some crazy memories of my own wedding day – freezing rain and cold.  And with tricky tricky weather – usually things don’t go as planned.  And as a bride – what can you do?  Quit and have a do over the next day?  Nope!  But – as BLESSED as Abby and Martin are – their family and friends put on their jackets (or whatever they could find!) and trekked outside after dinner to continue dancing under the twinkling lights and stars.  Cold and snuggling – that’s amore.

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