Holly and Daniel

Posted in weddings, news on December 7, 2014

Our last 2014 wedding was amazing!!!!  I met Holly and Daniel just a couple short months ago and just adore them both.  They have the best “how I met” story!  They both grew up in the same area – attended the same church for a while even!  Holly’s family moved to Texas and during this time both Holly and Daniel felt led to head to YWAM in Hawaii.  They met and fell in love.  He had to marry her.  And so they did – on a gorgeous November day at their church by Daniel’s father – which was just beautiful all around.  The ceremony was full of love – full of God – pure joy.  Totally perfect plan of God.

Thank you so much for allowing us to capture these forever memories for you guys!  We loved being a part of this and couldn’t have asked for a better ending to our wedding season!  2014-12-07_0001

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