Kacey and Alex

Posted in engagement on May 9, 2016

Kacey and I are from the same little rural area in Iowa and while we had always talked about me shooting her wedding someday – the stars just didn’t align!  So, instead – her and her cute man came to CO for a little mountain session.  We had a total blast and the results were amazing photos!!  Heart you girl! k-a-keystone-engagement-photography-205-Edit k-a-keystone-engagement-photography-161-Edit k-a-keystone-engagement-photography-144-Edit k-a-keystone-engagement-photography-375-Edit k-a-keystone-engagement-photography-362-Edit k-a-keystone-engagement-photography-330-Edit k-a-keystone-engagement-photography-317-Edit k-a-keystone-engagement-photography-310-Edit