Heather and Ivan

Posted in weddings on June 3, 2016

Heather and Ivan traveled to Colorado from Canada to be married among family and friends.  Their wedding was filled with every emotion possible – from the vows they said to each other, to the song Ivan sang to his bride in front of everyone, to dancing the morning away.  So much joy – as every wedding should be.  But Heather and Ivan are just a blast – that couple that just knows how to have fun – people are just drawn to them!  Their life is going to be a good one full of laughter and love – that’s a 100% fact!

Mr. and Mrs. Mirosav – thank you for allowing us to be part of your day!  It was amazing from beginning to end.  We wish you nothing but joy always!
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Location : The Inverness Hotel
Flowers : Lisa Weddel – The Inverness Hotel
Cake : The Inverness Hotel
Makeup & Hair : Peacock Vanity Bridal Beauty Services
Band : ABC Music, Video, and Photography