Danielle and Andrew

Posted in weddings on December 12, 2016

The last wedding of 2016 was seriously – just the best to go out on!  Danielle and Andrew got married in Central Iowa……in November…….at sunset.  Now – this could have gone a couple different ways.  It could have been snowy – rainy – freezing (hello Iowa winters!).  It ended up being the most PERFECT fall day.  There was so much color left and as the sun began to set, they said their vows in 50 degree temps.  And Andrew seeing his bride walk down the aisle – I just love capturing these moments.

And let me just talk about the donuts for a second……..scroll down to see what I’m sayin……….all the donuts that one could ever possibly want to try.  Donut heaven.

It’s always an honor to go ‘home’ to Iowa to capture weddings.  I just adore you both and it was such a wonderful day – so hard even narrowing it down to post on the blog!  Wishing you a very Merry 1st Christmas as hubby and wife!

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Photography: BrynMarae Photography

Venue: Pilgrim Heights Retreat Center

Hair: Tania Weuve (Ambellish Salon), Danielle Brewer (Hair on Main)

& Kara Rasmussen (talented friend)

Makeup: Root

Florist: Bancroft’s Flowers

Dress: Simply I Do

Catering: Jethros Smokehouse

Donuts: Dutch Oven Bakery, Hurts Donuts

Wine: Empty Nest Winery & Eagles Landing Winery