London and Aaron

Posted in weddings on December 5, 2016

I first met London and Aaron a couple years back – London had reached out to me because she wanted some couples photos.  We did them and I knew they had a great connection!  I was thrilled when the next time she reached out was to tell me they were engaged I would be the photographer – lol!  And when she told me the venue – Mile High Station – Ahhh – it’s one of my favs here in the city.

They said I DO surrounded by their closest family and friends and then danced the night away.  It has been a privilege to know you both and to capture these memories for you!  London – you were a STUNNING bride and God has BLESSED you with a great man!  Love and serve each other always!

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Venue: Mile High Station

Photographer: Bryn Marae Photography

Florist: Christy Short

Cake: Christina Schneider – Junk Food Bakery

Hair: Tamisha Floyd


Caterer: Lisa Storey – Mama’s Little Italy

DJ: C-Squared Media

Minister: Ken Dawdy