Joy of Love {day 4}

Posted in news on February 9, 2011

Ok now…….don’t you dare laugh!!!  Day 4 – Then and now.  I decided to just go with the “then” picture since my husband never wants to have his picture taken in the “now.”  It’s usually a hand in front of his face if I get my camera out.  Worse than my 3 year old.

Anyways – my husband is my high school sweetheart.  We met a very long time ago through our youth group where we became very good friends and ran around with the same group of people. Our junior prom came along and I didn’t have a date so I thought I would ask Blaine to go with me .  I got really nervous the night I was asking him – but he said of course and then asked me if I would do the honor of going with him (we went to different high schools) to his prom.   So we went to 2 proms together that spring.

So now – 12 years, 1 child, and 3 dogs later…….I love him more with each passing day.  I thank God every day for him and for letting us have the opportunity to go to prom together.  Love you babe!!!

Maybe I will try to convince him that we need a “now” picture in the next couple weeks!