Let’s make cake!

Posted in news on February 10, 2011

So – I have 2 one year old cake sessions this weekend!  A little boy and then a set of twin girls!  I thought it was time to bust out the mixer and see what we could whip together.  My husband and I get amazing cakes for our anniversary every year and let me just say – cake artists are amazing!  I decided to go simple and small (they are little people – they get little cakes) and try some fondant decorations.  And of course, the 3 year old is always there to help.

Mixing with his giraffe {Melmin}
FONDANT!!!!!!!!!!  Aka – pure sugar.
Cake smells soo very good!
Rolling out the fondant and cutting circles.
Or poking the fondant – whatever.
So pretty!
Not so pretty.  3 uneven layers and filling in the cracks.
Well…….let’s put it in the freezer and see what happens!!!!
Tastes good anyways!
Not too shabby!!!!!!
And of course Buzz needs to be in the picture.  Looks like he’s ready to chop it up!
I think these are going to be just perfect for this weekend!!!!  If any of the one year olds complain about it, I will be sure to let ya’ll know!