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Posted in news on April 14, 2011

Austin’s Story told by his mom
Austin was 6 weeks premature and almost did not survive. He weighed 3.9 when he was born. 4 weeks later he was diagnosed with down syndrome we then learned he had three holes in his heart and a cleft in the mitro-valve and would need open heart surgery in 2011. We were sent home from the NICU when Austin was 6 weeks old. Two weeks later Austin was sent to Children’s flight for life as he stopped breathing. He was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. We were in the NICU again for two weeks. Austin’s heart starting going into failure so they moved his surgery up to 6 weeks post his meningitis which was 11/16/2010.
He now weighs 15 pounds…………….

It was sooo very much fun getting to know this family!  When the sun FINALLY came out that morning, Austin was ready to go with smiles and all.  This first picture is of him and his buddy, Scout.

Likes : his puppies, to play peek-a-boo, and talking Austin talk especially first thing in the morning while he is laying in his crib.

Dislikes : sitting still, going to bed before he is ready, and when his mom and dad don’t have his formula made the instant he is HUNGRY!

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