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Posted in news on April 22, 2011

The Keil’s Story :

Matt and Tracy Keil have been happily married for over 4 years….Matt was injured in Iraq in Feb 2007 just 6 weeks after he married Tracy. Matt was shot in the neck and is now a quadriplegic paralyzed from the shoulders down. Although he is unable to walk, he and his wife Tracy decided to pursue their dream of becoming parents knowing that you don’t need to walk to be a good dad! Matt and Tracy welcomed twins Matthew and Faith on November 9, 2010 they were born 11 weeks prematurely. After nearly 3 months in the NICU these remarkable twins are home and happy and healthy. Matthew loves to eat and ride around the house on his dads lap seeing how fast that chair can go. Faith is very laid back and enjoys people watching and laughs at literally everything, she has the most beautiful laugh.
Tracy said “Matt and I have been through so much in our 4 years of marriage, we are a family now and are incredibly happy. We both have so much love in our hearts for each other and for our children. We never imagined we could be this happy and here we are, the happiest couple on earth. This injury has brought so much more happiness to our lives than it has grief. We are very blessed, we have the most amazing babies and they make our life and our love complete”


I had such a fun morning with these little people!  Little did I know they would be on the news this weekend and I am lucky enough to have taken their most recent photos!

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