A Dandelion in the Desert

Posted in news on April 9, 2013

2013-04-05_0010About 2 years ago I heard of this thing called WPPI.  Everyone who was a photographer on facebook was talking about it.  And it happens in Vegas.  I felt a pull – like I needed to be there!  So I decided I would go the following year.  Well – that year came and went and I made the same agreement with myself.  This time it was real!  With the husband’s blessing – we booked some flights, he found us a great hotel and we had something to look forward to!!  We were pretty sure we wanted to bring our 5 year old along. Why not make it a family vacation!?!?!?  But then decided that we could definitely divide and conquer between classes.  Thanks to my husband’s parents who took a week of vacation to come spend quality time with our son!

So – what is this WPPI??  Wedding and Portrait Photographers International.  It’s a HUGE photography conference that is held annually at the MGM Grand – 16,000 peeps attend this!   So I went to a ton of classes put on by some of the best in the industry and my other half took in all the business classes.  And then there was a tradeshow………2 HUGE rooms filled with photography dream toys.  And I got to hug my wedding photographer from Iowa – Ninya Walters – at the ACI booth.  Yes, she sold me on some albums that they carry.

So what did I learn?

There are a zillion photographers in this world – I need to set myself apart.

I love buffets.

I needed a D800 (thanks Doug).

I need a tilt-shift (thanks Doug) – but that’s not going to happen unless someone gives me one.

Clayton Austin is cool.

Some really great tricks in photoshop.  And how to make my workflow better!

Vacations are needed to refresh the brain.

That there are many successful husband and wife photography teams.  I want that.

I want to be awesome at video.

The Emeril makes a mean steak.

Oh I walked away with a ton of things swirling in my mind.  Here’s some photos (did I mention the amazing buffets?) that I took during our week of learning.  One of the highlights was the session I took part of in the desert – keep scrolling to take in all the yumminess!!!

2013-04-09_0005 2013-04-09_00062013-04-09_0008 Walked away with some inspiration for some new branding for BrynMaRae Photography!!!!  And that’s me – am I yawning?  I dunno.2013-04-09_0007 Oh the food – I love a good breakfast buffet.  We were def in the right city!2013-04-09_0004 2013-04-09_0003 2013-04-09_0002 No trip is complete without a little instagramin’2013-04-09_0001Then comes the desert!  This shootout was put together by one of my most fav photographers out of Wisconsin – Blue Dandelion Photography.  Doug is an AMAZING photographer – his wife (couldn’t make it to Vegas – something bout having a baby or something) is crazy awesome with newborn/kid sessions – and come to find out her mom is Mrs. Sew Whimsey – one of my fav newborn headband/hat/clothes maker!  Anyways – Doug (along with some other very talented people!) set everything up from the models to the flowers to the invitations made.  Every detail was perfect.  And I loved photographing all of it!  The desert is an amazing place to shoot.  I think my husband would move to Vegas if I wanted to!

Shout out to our awesome models – Ash, Melissa, and Lindsey – you guys were amazing!2013-04-05_0001 2013-04-05_0002 2013-04-05_0003 2013-04-05_0004 2013-04-05_0005 2013-04-05_0006 2013-04-05_0007 2013-04-05_0008 2013-04-05_0009 2013-04-05_0011 2013-04-05_0012 2013-04-05_0013 2013-04-05_0014 2013-04-05_0015 2013-04-05_0016 2013-04-05_0018 2013-04-05_0019 2013-04-05_0020 2013-04-05_0021 2013-04-05_0022 2013-04-05_0023 2013-04-05_0024 2013-04-05_0025 2013-04-05_0026 2013-04-05_0027 2013-04-05_0028 2013-04-05_0029 2013-04-05_0030 2013-04-05_0031

Some of the cool photogs I got to hang out with for the afternoon!

Until next time Vegas………….