Jason and Megan say I do

Posted in news on April 8, 2013

Megan is a dream bride.  We met one morning in a small Parker coffee shop and hit it right off.  She wanted great photography – whatever I wanted to do, she trusted me.  Perfect – love at first connection.

So Megan married her dream guy on a slightly windy March afternoon with all their kids in tow to confirm it all!  Everything was just perfect.  The flowers were just amazing.  The reception was held at the Parker Arts, Culture and Events Center.  I had never been in there but I can’t WAIT to get back!

AND my streak for sobbing to anything daddy/daughter related continued on.

Congrats again you guys.  Loved capturing your memories!2013-04-08_00032013-04-08_0001 2013-04-08_00022013-04-08_0004 2013-04-08_0005 2013-04-08_0006 2013-04-08_0007 2013-04-08_0008 2013-04-08_0009 2013-04-08_00102013-04-08_00122013-04-08_0011 2013-04-08_0013 2013-04-08_00222013-04-08_00142013-04-08_00242013-04-08_00252013-04-08_00232013-04-08_00182013-04-08_00192013-04-08_00202013-04-08_00272013-04-08_00162013-04-08_00282013-04-08_00152013-04-08_00172013-04-08_00212013-04-08_0026

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