Posted in news on January 17, 2014

Miss Cora is one!  It’s been so much fun to watch her grow over the last year.  Look at her little blue eyes popping right out of her head!!!

One thing I don’t miss about Iowa are the mosquitoes.  And I was reminded of that during this session!  How can they be so thick!?!?!  We were literally dancing the whole session to try to keep them away.

Jen – I will never forget this session.  That’s all.  😉  Hugs momma!2013-10-17_0039 2013-10-17_0040 2013-10-17_0041 2013-10-17_0042 2013-10-17_0043 2013-10-17_0044 2013-10-17_0045 2013-10-17_0046 2013-10-17_0047 2013-10-17_0048