Posted in news on January 17, 2014

Liz is another one of my ROCKIN 2013 seniors!  She was actually one of the brave ones who stepped up to be one of my senior reps last year!  So we got to do 2 shoots.  I’m currently looking for 2014 senior reps – so if you are interested make sure to send me an email!

Liz – thanks so much!  You are so gorgeous and fun to be around 🙂2013-11-20_0047 2013-11-20_0048 2013-11-20_0049 2013-11-20_0052 2013-11-20_0053 2013-11-20_0054 2013-11-20_0055 2013-11-20_0056 2013-11-20_0057 2013-11-20_0058