Posted in news on January 17, 2014

I have had a lot of softball lovin girls this past year!!!  I remember my softball days……..being terrified of playing anything infield so I just moved to the outfield where it was a little safer!  I do remember having a line drive hit my way once only to make it’s first bounce exactly where the infield and outfield meet.  I couldn’t read it after that and it missed my glove by an inch just to throat punch me.  So I guess outfield wasn’t much safer!!!!!

But Kenzie seems a little tougher than I was – she plays in a league and is kinda awesome or something.  We did her session out in Parker – had to take a 20 minute break due to lightening and pouring rain – but then had beautiful skies and deep color in all the grass and trees.  I love shooting after a good rain – it’s like God is just going ahead and doing contrast and saturation for you instead of photoshop 🙂

Thanks Kenzie for being awesome!  I had such a great time getting to know you!2013-10-17_0091 2013-10-17_0092 2013-10-17_0093 2013-10-17_0094 2013-10-17_0095 2013-10-17_0096 2013-10-17_0097 2013-10-17_0098 2013-10-17_0099 2013-10-17_0100