Meg and Jordan

Posted in news on January 17, 2014

Megan is one of those friends.  I might not see her forever, but I know if I needed something – even just a chat – she would BE there.  Not just physically – but all in.  And I have always adored her because she is that person and that friend to soooo many!  Megan married her sweetheart a little over a year ago now and they had decided to do an anniversary shoot!  So we went down to my favorite stretch of old Broadway and they got all lovey in back ally ways 😉

Love these you guys.  All couples should document their love more often!!!!!2013-10-17_0101 2013-10-17_0102 2013-10-17_0103 2013-10-17_0104 2013-10-17_0105 2013-10-17_0106 2013-10-17_0107 2013-10-17_0108 2013-10-17_0109